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3 Stretches For Neck Pain Relief in Lubbock, TX

By July 15, 2023January 26th, 2024No Comments3 min read

3 Stretches For Neck Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Lubbock, TX

How’s it going? It’s Dr. Greg Marin here, 1-Spine chiropractic. Today we’re gonna be discussing headaches, and specifically, the neck tension that’s causing the headaches.

The Posture Reset

So there’s quite a few things we do here in office each have some relief. Now once we figure out what’s going on and get things corrected, we want to get things nice and strong and healthy with the muscles up there. But if you can’t get to our office for relief right now, we can show you a few stretches to do at home or at work. Okay so the first one we like to call it as a Posture reset. So what you want to do is have your ears right above your shoulders, shoulders coming back a little bit, and we’re going to get those forearms and thumbs out. You can take nice big breath and relax in this position. So we’re gonna do this therapy five times at home, maybe three sets of that. So remember, one time, ears are over the shoulders, shoulders rotated back, thumbs pointed out and a deep breath in. Okay, so that’s our first one.

The Lateral Neck Stretch

The second one is the lateral neck stretch. So these neck stretches should be a nice, gentle tug, just laterally. You don’t want to crank on it too much, but just nice lateral stretch to get a little relief from that neck tension. Tension that’s coming from here might be causing your headaches, so we’re going to alternate sides. We will do each side three times and hold that for about 15 seconds.

Rotational Stretching

Our last one is going to be a rotation and some looking down exercises that help these big muscles that run from the base of that skull and into the shoulder. So we’re going down to our armpit. Same arm we’re looking at, we’re going to pull down with a nice gentle tug. We’re gonna hold that again for about 15 seconds. Each way, each side about three times and you should see some relief. If you can’t get to our office, try these for now.

Call our office and we’ll get you some of the neck pain relief you need. Thank you!

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