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Baby Pregnancy pediatric chiropractor in Lubbock Levelland, TX

Pregnancy Chiropractor Serving Lubbock & Levelland TX

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Chiropractor Care For Pregnant Moms

More and more, moms-to-be are seeking chiropractic care to help them through this special time of their life. When you’re expecting, there’s nothing you want more than a baby that is happy and healthy.

Dr. Marin at 1-Spine Chiropractic has extensive experience in providing pregnancy chiropractic care that will not only help you feel your best but can ensure your baby develops properly and arrives with as little interventions as possible.

Optimizing Your Function

With chiropractic care, your body can function at its best. After a thorough examination, we can identify any problems with your body’s structure, then make a plan to correct these areas. We don’t take X-rays on expecting moms but can perform noninvasive scans of your nervous system to determine any potential sources of stress for your baby.

Your nervous system is the master controller of all the systems in the body, and by ensuring your spine is aligned, your nervous system can work at 100%.

As your body adapts to each passing week and trimester, your body’s center of gravity shifts, which can result in many different types of pain. Pregnant moms commonly experience low back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, sciatica and headaches. We’ll be happy to help provide the relief from your pregnancy-related discomfort.

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

By seeking chiropractic early on in your pregnancy, you can achieve a less strenuous and painful labor and delivery. Dr. Marin will establish that your pelvis is balanced and properly aligned. If not, it can reduce the room that your baby has, preventing them from turning when they need to get ready for birth and leading to the breech position.

Dr. Marin will adapt his adjusting techniques to what is most appropriate for you. He also offers the Webster Technique, which can decrease the chance of the intrauterine constraint that leads to babies lying in the breech position.

Chiropractic care can even help your baby function optimally after birth. Read more about pediatric chiropractic care here. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule your appointment for pregnancy chiropractic Lubbock!

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