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Scoliosis Treatment Near Me in Lubbock, TX. Chiropractor for Scoliosis.

Scoliosis Treatment in Lubbock, TX

Your spine is a complex network of bones, muscles, and joints. It is the armor that protects your body’s central computer – the central nervous system comprising your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Your spinal cord connects to the brain, which controls all movement and reflexes. If your spine curves to one side or the other, it may cause pain or problems like frequent headaches or muscle spasms.

Scoliosis occurs due to an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. The condition is the most common spinal deformity in children and adolescents. It is also more common in girls than boys. 3% of the American population suffers from scoliosis. Most cases do not require surgery and can be treated with conservative, non-invasive chiropractic care.

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This thorough assessment includes a consultation, examination, and one set of X-rays, if needed.

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Severe scoliosis cases can lead to shortness of breath, life-long pain, breathing problems, and heart issues. Long-term scoliosis cases may also reduce lung capacity and result in issues like osteoporosis and scoliosis kyphosis. If left untreated, it can also cause damage to the back, shoulders, ribs, or vertebrae. Some of the complications are reversible with timely treatment. Others may become permanent with age. Surgery and other treatments are available for severe cases but can cause more harm than good in most cases.

Chiropractic care promotes overall health and well-being by focusing on the spine and core muscles. It is also a safe, natural alternative to surgery and invasive scoliosis procedures. Chiropractors are trained to perform a series of adjustments that help correct and treat symptoms related to the spine and back. They take a natural approach to spinal health that does not require medication or invasive procedures like radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. All you need is regular chiropractic care and exercise sessions to improve your mobility in the long run.

The scoliosis treatment improves the quality of your life by reducing spine curvature and restoring normal spinal alignment. Many patients experience a noticeable improvement in their mobility and restoration of a full range of motion to the muscles, spine, and bones. After receiving the treatment, you will also notice positive changes in overall health, reduced stress, and enhanced energy levels.

How Our Scoliosis Care Plan Works

Get Out Of Pain

We pride ourselves on getting to the root cause of the issue to get you out of pain and keep you that way.  Each chiropractor takes their time to really listen to and address each of your concerns.

Corrective Care

Structural problems demand structural solutions.  Our care is designed to address the spinal misalignments and postural distortions that are causing your symptoms for long-term pain relief.

Find Stability

We aren’t interested in masking your symptoms.  We’re committed to long-term well-being so you can take control of your life and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

How We Treat Scoliosis in Lubbock, TX

Chiropractic care is one of the most common treatments for scoliosis. Chiropractic works to correct spinal structure through chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic exercises that strengthen and stretch muscles and improve posture. A chiropractor can identify the underlying cause of scoliosis and prescribe the best treatment options based on each patient’s needs.

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

A thorough hands-on examination is the best way to diagnose the condition. We will take a detailed health history to understand how scoliosis affects your life. The examination is not restricted to the spine but also looks into the joints, muscles, bones, and other areas, including your ears, jawline, and hands. After the exam, your doctor will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and explain the best treatment options. Your doctor will assess spinal curvature, alignment, flexibility, strength, and general health.

Specific Chiropractic Care In Lubbock, TX

Chiropractic adjustments are specific to your scoliosis condition. They are used to relieve pressure on spinal nerves. This unique approach may use stretch, traction, or other manual techniques depending on the severity of your condition.

During the session, the chiropractor will assess your movement and flexibility to determine the initial frames of the spine and work on the misalignment. The adjustments are usually applied manually but can be administered using instruments or equipment. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure and stress on the nervous system to improve nerve function, alleviate pain, and restore mobility and muscle function.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression involves using a motorized machine that provides traction for the spine. By stretching the spine, decompression removes pressure from the spinal discs and nerves, rehydrating the discs and giving them a chance to heal.

During the procedure, you will lie on a special table with a harness with multiple straps that secure your shoulders, hips, and feet. The table is then tilted at an angle to lower the upper body, decompress the spine and improve alignment. This works by pulling the spinal discs away from each other, which reduces pressure on the nerves and lowers blood pressure in the spinal discs when combined with traction.

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan

Your exercise program will often be designed from kinesiology to correct the tightness and alignment in the affected areas. This can include muscle stretches, strengthening exercises, and gentle mobility exercises. More advanced plans may even include scoliosis motion chairs or special braces that allow patients to work on stretching and strengthening their muscles.

At home, the best exercises include resistance band training, yoga poses, core strengthening, and other fitness activities that improve muscle balance and flexibility. Your chiropractor will recommend an appropriate home program based on your condition.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves using hands, pressure, and stretching to work on aches, stiffness, and muscle tightness. Manipulating specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments increases blood supply to relieve pain. Massage promotes flexibility, reduces pain, and helps correct muscle imbalances. Your doctor can recommend different types of massage based on your back pain, specific pain points, and desired treatment goals.

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James Grant
Love this group. Feeling much better. Such a blessing
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Mandy Womack
They were great love them and would recommend them to anyone very sweet and sympathetic I will continue to see them.
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Mari Adventures
1-Spine Chiropractic stands out as a premier wellness destination for those seeking non-surgical and drug-free pain relief. Here is a clinic that has established itself as a trusted name in chiropractic care. The chiropractor at 1-Spine, is praised for his life-changing adjustments and compassionate approach. The clinic's philosophy is simple yet profound: "You have one spine, one body, and one life." This resonates with patients who appreciate the holistic approach to recovery from daily stress and pain. The staff's efficiency and friendliness make every visit a pleasant experience. Moreover, the clinic's accessibility is a plus, with insurance acceptance, making visits affordable. The convenience of their operating hours caters to a variety of schedules, ensuring that patients can receive care when they need it most. In summary, 1-Spine Chiropractic is more than just a clinic; it's a place where healing begins, and lives are improved. Whether you're dealing with headaches, neck tension, or recovering from an injury, Dr. Marin and his team are ready to guide you towards a pain-free life. If you're considering chiropractic care, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it's the right choice for your specific needs.
Audra Richerson
Audra Richerson
Used to believe this was an unnessary service pryor to actually trying it. Now I'm 100% corrected in that belief and have become an avid supporter of Dr. Marin and his treatments. He has already increased my relief and added value to my lifestyle and its activities! Thank you so much Doc! Danny j. Richerson.
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Brianna Alvear
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Terie Andersen
They are all around amazing, I will not go anywhere else and I’m not just saying that! I have been gone for awhile and just came back. I love them and love bugging Sarah at the front desk on my out :). U picked the right place if you come here!
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Tami Bednarz
Love 1-spine. They are so easy to schedule and always so nice when I come in. Location is amazing. Thank you for helping my hip!
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Angie Trevithick
The best staff and service. They got me in and adjustments and now I’m making all the follow up appointments. ❤️💪🏻
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Paige Sears
The staff is always so friendly and helpful! I have been coming to 1-spine for a little over a year and my back feels so much better! Dr. Marin is awesome! 1-spine is a great chiropractor place to go to!
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Common Causes of Scoliosis in Lubbock, TX

Weak Muscles or Ligaments

The most common cause is the presence of weak muscles or ligaments that do not provide sufficient support to the spine. In such cases, combined with weak vertebrae, this can eventually lead to the spine curving to one side. However, genetic factors and a family history of scoliosis may also increase its occurrence. Despite these predisposing conditions, most cases occur in people who have not been diagnosed with a spinal abnormality or have no noticeable signs. According to the American Academy of Neurological Surgeons, 80% of cases have no identifiable cause. These cases are usually diagnosed between the ages of 10 and 14. The average age of onset is about 11 years old.

How to Identify Scoliosis in Yourself or Others

Observing the spine in a standing position makes the scoliosis condition easy to identify. Typically, your spine should be straight and in line with the head and feet. If a person has scoliosis, the spine will bend to one side. Depending on its severity, the curve may be visible from the front or back. A lateral view of the spine may reveal a slight deviation from a straight line. In most cases, curves of more than 10-15° are considered abnormal and warrant medical attention.

The signs and symptoms of scoliosis are usually mild initially and do not require treatment. However, if the condition worsens, it can cause severe pain and muscle spasms around the spine. Common symptoms include back pain and neck pain, frequent headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and poor posture. These symptoms are often present in more than one part of the body. Early detection is essential to avoid complications and ensure proper treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I sleep with scoliosis?

Sleeping on your back is an excellent way to reduce pressure on the spine and allow for good spinal alignment. Try to sleep on your back supported by pillows for the optimal position. Sleeping in a fetal position or leaning on uncomfortable pillows and chairs can cause stress on the lower back. Get a comfortable mattress with enough support for your shoulders to be at the same level as your hips. Remove all tight clothing or belts that can pull on the spine, especially when sleeping or sitting for extended periods.

What foods help scoliosis?

To maintain good health, patients should consume a diet rich in leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods contain phytonutrients that promote overall health and reduce the risk of diseases. We also recommend avoiding processed foods high in sodium and refined sugars, like cookies, chips, and doughnuts.

What sports should I avoid with scoliosis?

Patients need extra care while dealing with sports and physical activities when they have scoliosis. They should avoid high-impact activities that can cause excessive pressure on the spine and aggravate the symptoms. Activities like running, jumping, high-impact aerobics, or sports like gymnastics, football, and rugby can worsen the symptoms. Other dangerous activities include water skiing, martial arts, horseback riding, bike riding, and long-distance running.

What does scoliosis pain feel like?

In mild scoliosis cases, you may feel stiffness in the back and even pain. But if it is severe, you will experience intense pain in the lower back and hips that can become unbearable. This pain indicates that the spine is out of alignment and should be checked by your doctor as soon as possible. It can lead to complications like muscle strain, nerve damage, muscle fatigue, and even nerve-root impingement.

Is walking good for scoliosis?

Walking is one of the best ways to improve scoliosis. It helps improve the range of motion and strength of the lower back and hips. An excellent daily walking routine can easily be incorporated into your schedule and requires little effort to maintain. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine. You can start with simple walking and slowly progress to a comfortable level. Walking on uneven surfaces and uphill can also help improve your spinal curvature.

Can a chiropractor in Lubbock, TX straighten your spine?

Yes, a chiropractor can effectively reduce spinal curvature and restore alignment in patients with scoliosis. We are trained to identify and correct abnormal spinal curvature. Through chiropractic adjustments, either manual or assisted with special tools, we can relieve pressure on the vertebrae to relieve pain, improve nerve function, and increase spinal mobility. Chiropractic care is painless, non-invasive, natural, and does not require surgery.

$59 New Patient Scoliosis Health Screening

This thorough assessment includes a consultation, examination, and one set of X-rays, if needed.

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