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Answers to Chronic Low Back Pain in Lubbock, TX

By June 21, 2023January 18th, 2024No Comments1 min read

Answers to Chronic Low Back Pain | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Lubbock, TX

One of the big questions we hear at 1-Spine is “why wont my lower back pain go away?”.

How to Know if Your Back Pain is Chronic

That’s probably because there’s something more serious going on that’s been going on for more than three months. It’s usually a chronic lower back issue. So what we want to do is do a thorough evaluation to figure out where that problem is coming from. We make sure our patients get comprehensive examinations and we possibly take some X rays to make sure we get the answers as to why that chronic low back pain is not going away. We will provide you with our best treatment options and get you feeling better fast.

Come see us at 1-Spine Chiropractic for your low back pain consultation!

1-Spine Chiropractic

You have one spine, one body and one life. You need to make the most of what you’ve got! You only have one chance to live the life you want. We all suffer daily wear and tear on our bodies, but we have a choice when it comes to how we recover from the stress that life throws at us. You don’t need to rely on drugs or surgery to feel better and live fully. Chiropractic is a nonsurgical, drug-free way to find relief from pain and help your body heal itself.

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