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Shockwave Therapy for Headache Relief in Lubbock, TX

By July 6, 2023January 31st, 2024No Comments2 min read

Shockwave Therapy for Headache Relief | Chiropractor for Headaches in Lubbock, TX

Hey, how’s it going, it’s Dr. Greg Marin here at 1-Spine Chiropractic and today we’re gonna be discussing how a lot of headaches are caused by tight muscles in the neck.

What is Shockwave Therapy

So there’s a few things we do at home with stretches and exercises that we’re going to show you throughout treatment, but one of the things causing headaches is chronic tension. So for that we have a machine that we’ve been using over the last several months called Shockwave Therapy. The way Shockwave Therapy works is it sends compressed air as a projectile bullet taking some pressure off that area. There’s no pain at all and gets you less inflammation for the pain to go away pretty quickly.

How Shockwave Therapy Works

So we’re going to demonstrate that here on Clarissa to get the maximum relief. Okay, hang tight because there is a little loud noise, but it’s very effective. That’s also how the machine works, just by breaking up some of the calcium deposits and most scar tissue and adhesions. This process gets more blood to the area, helping the Nitric Oxide boost bone growth and helps everything just feel better.

So if you think you have any chronic tension in your neck causing headaches, visit our office and we’ll get you some relief, thank you!

1-Spine Chiropractic

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